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JEPLite is an enlited version of the famous and beautiful JEP (Java Expression Parser) by Nathan Funk. With few words, JEP provides its users with capability to parse and evaluate expressions, containing vectors/arrays, strings, complex numbers and sophisticated mathematical functions. But those features are not a must for a not-neglectable range of users, and that is the main idea behind its little brother - JEPLite.

With JEPLite offers less features than JEP - we have only double arithmetics, and most of the rocket science functions are omitted, which allowed the lite version to be more flexible and fast. The overall size is reduced too. As an interest atractor we have a simple expression optimizer. Well, it is not GCC, but you would be happy to know that evaluation of 1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1 is made as fast as evaluation of sole 10 (and the last is made for no time:)). For more exhaustive list of features and use cases of JEPLite, take a look of the FAQ page. If you don't see there a feature you need, use our forums or mailing list to ask for it. You will receive assistance and chances are that other people will receive it as feature in the next release.

22 Jul 2002

A new site, at last!!! Certainly, JEPLite's project page is still available.
Stephen Kolaroff, 2002
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