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Q: What is JEPLite?
A: As you had most probably been informed, JEPLite is a version of JEP - Java Expression Parser (which is, expression parser, written in Java, not parser for expressions themselves expressed in Java). Both JEP and JEPLite are programming tools - they are not end-user calculators. But if you want to implement such calucaltor, it would be as easy as writing some GUI to do it using any of those tools.
Q: Which is better - JEP or JEPLite?
A: No answere. JEPLite is about 20% smaller and generaly - (many) times faster. But to acheive this we had jeopardised complex numbers, vectors and strings support.
Q: What is the typical use of JEPLite?
A: For a given thread you
  1. create and initialize the front end facility (org.cheffo.jeplite.JEP),
  2. initialize it,
  3. parse the expression (you pass it as String),
  4. possibly optimize the resulting parse tree and...
  5. and evaluate it.
Consult our tutorial for step-by-step instructions.
Q: Am I expected to install JEP in order to use JEP?
A: Absoulutely not.
Q: Am I expected to be familiar with JEP in order to deal with JEPLite?
A: No. But if you are, then you are familiar with JEPLite too. The reverse holds in general.
Q: Is my existing JEP code compatible with JEPLite?
A: Well, not exactly. Source code compability was considered cute, but not crucial feature. At least you will definitely need some changes in your import clauses. Then, if you only use org.nfunk.jep.JEP class, and you use it in only one thread, your code is unlikely to need more changes.
Q: How can I contribute to JEPLite?
A: As usual - find bugs and submit them. Ask for features or even implement them. To say nothing about donnations...
Q: How can I show to the world that I use JEPLite in my project?
A: Place our Powered by JEPLite (another Big Thank You, Nathan) logo on your project's site, and/or even in about box, or even on your t-shirt.
Q: How can JEPLite show to the world that I use it.
A: Take a look at the partners page.
Stephen Kolaroff, 2002